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Let us help you get online. Whether it be setting up winning Google AdWords campaigns, booking sites/apps, e-commerce to scale your sales or membership websites, we strive to ensure you can reach your customers through the power of the internet

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Online Paid Ad Campaign Management

  • Strategic custom ad campaigns targeting your ideal customer
  • 100 % Managed Service (AKA we'll do all the work. )
  • Today’s shoppers are tapping into an ever-growing number of places online and offline to find what they need. Maximize your reach and meet more customers wherever they're shopping.
  • constructs custom digital ad campaigns allowing access to new inventory, formats, and audiences across all Google channels including YouTube, Search, and Discover.
  • Maximize your reach. Show up across all of Google’s ad inventory and formats. Find new customers wherever, and whenever, they’re searching or consuming content.
  • Drive traffic and sales. Reach more converting customers across Google and increase your online, in-store or omnichannel sales.
  • Uncover insights and trends. Gain actionable insights to improve your campaigns' performance and find new and unexpected audiences that match your goals.

E-commerce Website

  • Ecommerce or electronic commerce is the trading of goods and services on the internet. It is your bustling city center or brick-and-mortar shop translated into zeroes and ones on the internet superhighway. This year, an estimated 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online
  • An ecommerce website is your digital storefront on the internet. It facilitates the transaction between a buyer and seller. It is the virtual space where you showcase your products, and your online customers make their selections. Your website acts as the product shelves, sales staff, and cash register of your online business channel.
  • 1 - 2 - 1 Training Session
  • Conducting sales online has some significant advantages. Among the top benefits, ecommerce: Is growing rapidly Offers global marketing reach Provides the ease of ordering products online Generally involves lower operating costs Gives direct-to-consumer access.
  • Perfect for any business that wants to scale retail operations beyond their community, and lower overhead operating costs.

Delivery Website

Delivery Website Setup optimized for mobile

  • Target customer orders where they shop
  • Order & Delivery System Integration
  • 1 - 2 - 1 Training Session
  • Allow customers to make orders easily from their mobile phone
  • Perfect for restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and more

Booking Site

Booking Website Setup

  • Website setup
  • Booking System Integration
  • 1 - 2 - 1 Training Session
  • Allow customers to book calls, sessions, online classes and more
  • Perfect for consultants, psychologists, fitness trainers and instructors

Membership Site

Membership Website Setup

  • Website setup
  • Membership System Integration
  • 1 - 2 - 1 Training Session
  • Build a members only site, allowing you to upload content that your customers can pay for on a monthly/ yearly basis.
  • Perfect for tutors, online coaches or anyone providing classes

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